CASA Staff Gives Blood

Six CASA staff participated in the DYFS Blood Drive on December 14. The Blood Drive was an overall success and all CASA staff survived! DYFS schedules regular Blood Drives in their Atlantic City office. Ask CASA staff for the next scheduled Drive.


Legislative ACTION ALERT: CASA Bill A-3365

Legislative ACTION ALERT: CASA Bill A-3365

Unfortunately, the CASA Bill (A-3365) did NOT get posted for a vote on December 7. This means that our next (and probably last) opportunity to get this bill passed will be on January 7. If we do not get it passed then, the bill dies and we would have to go through the entire process all over again.

To send the current email to the Bill’s sponsors, click CASA Legislative Alert or go to and select the “Legislative Action Alert” tab.

Thank you for supporting CASA!