New domestic violence bill cleared Committee

The New Jersey Assembly’s Judiciary Committee has cleared a package of bills intended to help domestic violence victims in New Jersey.

One of the measures sponsored by Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein, would set up a pilot program allowing for satellite-based monitoring of people convicted of domestic violence crimes.

Greenstein stated: “I think this will go a long way toward protecting the domestic violence victims. Right now many of them are at the mercy of the offenders and this will make sure they can be tracked either through the parole department or some other law enforcement department.”

Another bill would make criminal coercion, the unlawful restriction of someone’s freedom, an act of domestic violence. A third measure would create a self-defense justification for victims and a fourth bill would extend protections for domestic abuse victims who have to break a lease.

The full Assembly is expected to act on the legislation later this week.

By: Phil Gregory

Congratulations! Michelle Staples

Congratulations! Michelle Staples from the Cape May Local Office is the DYFS Caseworker of the Month for December.

Michelle was nominated by Connie Weidner who had many wonderful things to say about her commitment to the children of Cape May County and her great example of working collaboratively with CASA. Connie states that Michelle worked diligently to ensure 3 older brothers in separate placements had regular sibling visits every 6 weeks. She also provided them with her cell phone # in case they needed to talk and she would bring the children together to meet with CASA if needed. In fact Connie reported that one of the children actually cried when he heard that Michelle was being transferred to a new unit and would no longer be his caseworker. In addition, Michelle always responded quickly to CASA’s needs and was prompt to return phone calls. We thank her for all her efforts and her continued hard work and dedication!