Hand in Hand helps needy kids in Swannanoa Valley

At Owen High School, there are more than a dozen students who are considered homeless.

The term counselors use for these nomadic kids is “couch surfers,” because every night they migrate from one house and couch to another, never knowing where they will lay their heads.
“Typically, they do have a parent somewhere, but as the children get older, drugs are more important (to the parent) than their kids,” said Kitty Kelly, a counselor at Black Mountain High School.
“To me the most heartbreaking is the parent who chooses the latest boyfriend or girlfriend over the children.”
The good news is that through a nonprofit group of churches, needs such as clothing, money for school activities, even prom attire is being funded.
Lois Nix is on the committee of 10 local churches that formed Hand in Hand, the organization devoted to meeting the needs of students in the Swannanoa and Black Mountain areas.

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