Adam Robe’s Robbie The Rabbit Website a Great Resource for CASA Volunteers

Here at CASA we always try to find resources not only for our Advocates, but for others who are working in the foster care system.

For awhile now, we have been getting blog posts and updates from blog post from Adam Robe, a former foster child himself.

At his webiste, Robbie the Rabbit, Robe discusses the trials and triumphs of being in America’s foster care system and what foster parents, case workers and even CASA volunteers can do to help a child adjust.

His latest blog post, “Why Can’t I Just Be Me” provides some great insight into a foster child’s since of identity.

He states, “if you are a child that is placed into foster care, you may find that there was a break in the formation of your identity. Defining “who” you are and “how” you fit into the world becomes harder the longer you remain in foster care and the different roles you play.”

Not only does Robe provide his own insight through blogs and posts, but he also has materials, including activity books and adult guides, for children and foster care parents.

Robe is a great resource that we as people who work in the system should utilize. I recommend every person who works in the system should visit his website at least once.

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