Florida DCF workers fired over death of 10-year-old twin

A story that has been popping up in the news lately is that of 10-year-old Nubia Doctor and her twin brother Victor. Nubia and Victor, foster children, have a tragic tale of abuse and neglect. After being adopted by a Florida couple, the children were beaten, malnourished and neglected. On Feb. 14, Nubia was found dead in the back of her adopted father’s pick-up truck, her brother cowering in the front seat, nearly alive after being doused in an unknown chemical.

Before that devastating valentines day, there were many warnings of Nubia’s and Victor’s abuse. Teachers, neighbors and even the children’s Guardian-ad-Liam had said the children should be removed for the home for allegations of abuse. However, the Department of Children and Families ignored the pleas.

However, this week, just one month after Nubia’s body was found, a task force panel looking into the child’s death cites “fatal ineptitude.” The panel concluded that Florida’s Department of Children and Families were given many reports on the alleged abuse occurring within the home. Earlier this week, the two DCF employees assigned to the case were fired and another 5 were reprimanded. A small victory in the wake of Nubia’s death.

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