For 10 years National CASA received $12 million in funding for the CASA program through the Victims of Child Abuse Act. Last year Congress reduced the funding for CASA programs to $4.5 million. And now, the Administration has proposed eliminating all funding for this vital program in FY 2013.
CASA representatives met with 40 congressional representatives last week and learned that there is a chance to restore full funding provided enough congressional offices urge appropriators to do the right thing. But timing is critical. Help us restore CASA funding by:
  1. Immediately use Email, Facebook and Twitter to pass this alert along to your network of friends and colleagues.
  2. Immediately contact your senators and US House of Representatives and send them the message below.
You can reach your senators and representative from this site:
Enter your zip code (only) and click on the “Contact Forms” and it will link you directly to a from to submit your message.

It is imperative that we act quickly. If you have any questions, contact:

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