Holiday Traditions Create Strong Family Bonds


The holiday season is upon us and it’s such an exciting time! With so much to do! We get to see friends and family we’ve not seen in far too long. Don’t forget the food shopping, baking and feasting. The parties to attend, decorating to do, gift buying and wrapping…the list goes on and on!

Yes, the holidays are a busy and exciting time that are full of family traditions. Through the ages, in primitive and modern societies, our customs anchor and connect us to each other. Rituals and shared practices are the glue that binds families and social groups together. Traditions form our group identity and give us fond childhood memories.

But what if you’re the new guy? What if you’re a newly adopted or foster child invited into a family’s long history of shared traditions but these traditions only make you feel like an outsider? What if you’re a newly adoptive family and this is your first holiday season with your child and you realize that your traditions have no connection to him?

It’s important to bring your adopted and foster child into your holiday traditions, so they feel included. Be sure to discuss how and why your family started each tradition and what it means to each of you. Ask your child how he feels about the holidays and discuss his own traditions. Then create new holiday customs that are meaningful to your newest family member.

Some ideas for new holiday traditions could include:

Craft day – Make homemade gifts and cards to send to friends and family

Baking day – Someone chooses the treat and leads the baking

Music time – Everyone shares their favorite holiday song (any talented members?)

Holiday skit – Each family member plays a role in a holiday themed skit

Holiday story time – Each night a family member reads their favorite holiday story

Candle lighting – Light a candle as you think of someone special you may miss

Find a new holiday tradition that fits your family’s personality. It’s a way to celebrate the season, your family and its newest member. You can be sure these traditions will be treasured throughout the years.

CASA wishes all families a happy and joyful holiday season!

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